Adapting to Change

One or more of these things is happening right now and you need to find a cost-effective way to adapt and to prepare for more change in the future:

  • Your customers’ needs or expectations have changed
  • A merger, acquisition or new partnership
  • For various reasons, your current geographic locations are no longer desirable
  • Shipment and transportation methods or requirements have changed
  • Competitive pressures dictate that you find a way to reduce your costs

Whatever the impetus, we specialize in helping our customers adapt to change. More importantly, we help them prepare for the next wave of change by incorporating flexibility into our designs and the processes to be used when those designs are implemented. Our perspective is to create a long-term partnership.

After analysis, whether the project is to reconfigure an existing facility, to provide new ones, or to consolidate facilities, we make the transition as smooth and transparent as possible – eliminating any impact on your customers, minimizing the impact on operations, associates, and other stakeholders.

Simultaneously, we will minimize your cost. For many realignments and reconfigurations we have reduced equipment costs by as much as 75%, by adapting the customer’s existing equipment for use in the new, optimal design being implemented.