An experienced professional will meet with you to discuss your needs and objectives, and the information sources available for use. Most consulting projects have the following stages:

  • Define the objectives and what deliverables are desired
  • Learn about the current processes and systems
  • Determine what information sources are available
  • Gather data
  • Analyze data
  • Provide and discuss findings and confirm next steps
  • Outline most desirable courses of action, and discuss which are worth pursuing
  • Clearly delineate courses of action with costs, timelines, resources required, and return on investment
  • Finalize project findings and documents
  • Determine if additional services or follow up are desirable beyond the scope of the project

We’ll provide a proposal that clearly outlines:

  • How we intend to gather the information needed
  • The processes that will be followed to accomplish the goals and objectives
  • The timeline for completion of the project
  • The total costs

Our consulting services are different because:

  • Every project is staffed by seasoned professionals with experience in your field, not recent college graduates or individuals who have no experience or knowledge of your industry
  • Every project will be completed on time and within budget – no surprises, no hidden costs
  • We make extensive use of online presentations and meetings, and other tools to minimize your cost for our time and travel, and expense reimbursement