Data Analysis

You have all the information you need – whether you are trying to assess how your space is currently being used, whether you would benefit from high-density storage, or whether or not you would benefit from automation, and what kinds of automation are worth considering. You also have all of the information you need to spot new trends in your business to deal with the kinds of orders you are receiving, changes in product lines, seasonality and so much more.

There are two problems:

  • There is too much information
  • Not knowing what to look for and what is important

Our experienced professionals have been analyzing data for many companies across a wide variety of industries for many years. Even so, we are often surprised by what data tell us. Very often we meet with customers who answer all of our questions about their business. Once the data provided are analyzed and we present our findings, they are surprised, almost without exception, by some or many of our conclusions and observations.

In today’s fast-paced, demanding marketplace, your business is changing so fast it is impossible to keep up with all the things that have changed since you started operating your facility, last made changes to your equipment, or last had the time to sit down undisturbed, and objectively look at all of the data available. In today’s world, important changes may have occurred, or new trends may have started in the last year or even the last month!

Before you even think about making any changes, please analyze the data!