LD Systems provides Sortation Conveyor Systems that automate the process of sorting products and materials, increasing efficiency and accuracy in warehouses, distribution centers, and manufacturing facilities. These systems handle various products and materials of different shapes and sizes, reducing manual labor requirements and increasing profitability.

Types of Sortation Conveyors Offered by LD Systems

LD Systems offers a range of sortation conveyors that use wheels, belts, sliding shoes, and pushers to separate items along production lines. They specialize in medium and high-speed sortation, with some lines capable of sorting several hundred items per minute.

The following are some examples of their sortation systems:

  • Sliding-Shoe Sorters: These use shoes between lines of slats to guide the product in its required direction.
  • Narrow-Belt Sorters: Utilizing multiple belts, pop-up rollers, and right-angle transfers, they accurately move and sort medium-sized products at high speeds.
  • Right-Angle Sortation: Using a pushing mechanism, they sort smaller items at right angles, including envelopes, blister packs, cylindrical products, and other
    irregularly shaped objects.
  • Belted Pivot Wheels: These use a series of wheels positioned at each divert station to push products off the line and guide them into other areas of the system.
  • Product Gapping: Gapping mechanisms create the required spacing between products to ensure timely scanning and accurate label placement while
    preventing product collision.

Benefits of Sortation Conveyor Systems provided by LD Systems include:

  • Improved sortation capacity for various products.
  • Flexible integration into existing conveyor layouts.
  • Lower operating costs compared to manual applications.
  • High sorting accuracy.
  • Increased workplace safety.
  • More efficient use of floor space.
  • Reduced product damage
  • Scalable systems to meet production demands

LD Systems – The Logical Choice for Sortation Conveyor Systems Customers rely on LD Systems because we are the best. Terms like ROI, Data Analysis, and Optimization are what we live every day.

Our integrated solutions are among the industry’s most trusted because we tackle each distribution center optimization project through a comprehensive discovery process that includes analyzing data, price points and anticipated return on investment. It’s only then our team begins to develop the perfect customized layout with conveyor flexibility and scalability.

With a combined 50 years of material handling integration experience, we are the experts at maximizing efficiency and moving goods expeditiously from order to door.

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