Warehouses and distribution centers that lack adequate technology face significant obstacles in meeting the growing demands of modern consumers. Maintaining precise inventory records, fulfilling orders accurately, and ensuring fast delivery requires more agility than many manual applications can provide. To address these challenges, businesses are turning to computer-controlled automated storage and retrieval systems
(AS/RS) that increase operational efficiency, minimize errors, and reduce labor costs.

LD Systems provides high-performance AS/RS solutions that are customized to meet the unique needs of your warehouse. Our systems can optimize your material handling processes by accommodating a wide range of materials, from small components to large units weighing thousands of pounds. With decades of collective experience, our engineers are skilled at designing AS/RS systems for operations of all sizes and types.

AS/RS Applications

Automated storage retrieval systems are an effective solution for managing large volumes of inventory moving in and out of distribution or manufacturing environments. These systems typically integrate with warehouse control systems (WCS) or warehouse execution systems (WES) to synchronize job functions across automated equipment while maintaining precise inventory control. AS/RS systems are typically used for dynamic replenishment, picking and packing, and delivering materials to workstations.

LD Systems provides two primary types of automated storage retrieval systems: unit- load AS/RSs and small-load AS/RSs.

Unit-load AS/RS

These systems are capable of transporting and maneuvering full and partial-sized pallets. They feature high-density vertical storage and utilize crane designs for efficient and reliable unit transport. Unit-load AS/RSs are ideal for facilities with high storage densities and handling requirements involving elevated heights.

Small-load AS/RS

Small or mini-load AS/RSs use trays, totes, bins or cartons to transport materials or components throughout a facility. These systems are ideal for pick-and-pack operations with a diverse range of products. Small-load AS/RSs can be paired with static racks and flow lanes to optimize production.

AS/RS Benefits for Warehousing and Manufacturing

AS/RS systems are designed based on the layout of a facility, product volume, and the sizes and shapes of the materials involved, recognizing that no two warehouse operations are the same. LD Systems offers the following benefits to warehouse facilities through its AS/RS solutions:

  • Improving efficiency, productivity, and accuracy throughout the entire supply chain.
  • Maximizing storage capacity by utilizing vertical space.
  • Tracking and maintaining precise inventory levels in real-time.
  • Eliminating missing or damaged inventory.
  • Providing enhanced security with protective enclosures.
  • Optimizing travel routing between operations.
  • Integrating quickly into more expansive systems during growth.

Why Partner with LD Systems for Warehouse Storage Systems

When you choose LD Systems for a custom AS/RS system, you'll work with a company that has been providing industry-best solutions to material handling operations since 1997.

Our team of experienced engineers will design your system with increased productivity and reduced labor costs in mind, ensuring a reliable return on your investment. We are committed to supporting you throughout the purchasing process, from the initial consultation to implementation to post-installation support.

At LD Systems, our mission is to help grow your business and increase profits by offering the market's safest, most innovative, and efficient material handling equipment.

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