LD Systems' Fast Flow or Flow Thru concept of storage provides several advantages over static storage concepts when implemented correctly.

Carton Flow Rack by LD Systems

Carton Flow Rack is an ideal solution for broken or full case picking of medium and small parts. With a width of 5 feet and height of 8 feet, the rack can accommodate up to 25 different SKUs in separate lanes based on size and velocity.

The depth of carton flow rack units can range from 4 feet to 20 feet depending on the required inventory storage for each SKU. More than one lane can be dedicated to highly active SKUs, while the front tilt or straight shelves of the picking side offer convenience for broken case or full case picking.

Pallet Flow Rack by LD Systems

Pallet Flow Rack is commonly used for medium to large case picking from pallets, which are typically only one pallet high to ensure safe picking. As one pallet is picked and removed, the following pallets flow forward to replace it, allowing uninterrupted picking.

LD Systems recommends using pallet flow rack only for SKUs that go through one or more pallets per day due to the cost. It is important to periodically provide an area for accumulating removed empty pallets prior to reuse. The rack can also be double decked, or cat walked to maximize building space utilization.

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