When it comes to running a successful operation, the layout and design of your facility is key. The right design can help you maximize space, streamline processes, and ultimately increase efficiency and profitability. At LD Systems, we specialize in comprehensive facility layout and design services that take into account every aspect of your operation.

Our facility layout and design services offer:

  • Storage Density: Store the most product in the least space with the greatest productivity
  • Productivity: Use the travel paths and pick methods that provide the greatest productivity
  • Automation: Optimize conveyors and sortation to significantly impact efficiency, truck loading, and service levels
  • Multiple Options: Look at more than one layout option and compare the advantages of each to find the best fit for your operation
  • Pick Methods: Incorporate the pick methods that suit your needs best with the right layout and design
  • Safety: Prioritize safety in the design process with best practices and industry standards to minimize the risk of accidents and injuries
  • Equipment Choices: Strike a balance between flexibility, cost, and special equipment to create the best design for your operation

Our experienced professionals use the latest tools and technologies to develop comprehensive facility layouts tailored to your specific needs. We present our findings in a 3D format, allowing you to visualize your facility and make informed decisions about your layout.