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  • Improved productivity by 65%
  • Allows for unlimited customization for finished surgical procedure trays
  • Improved accuracy to 99.96%

ROi sought our expertise to tackle the unique challenge of establishing a distribution center and manufacturing facility for custom surgical kits, a pioneering venture. These kits are personalized, encompassing all disposable items necessary for a specific surgery based on the surgeon's preferences.

Initially, ROi started creating these custom kits for Mercy Hospital Group's hospitals and clinics, witnessing a remarkable surge in demand. It became evident that a dedicated and efficient operation with adequate space was indispensable. Despite having received an extensive 150-page report from a major consulting firm, ROi found it devoid of practical value, with one of their executives describing it as a “150-page paperweight containing interesting information with no practical value”, leading them to seek out more cost-effective assistance.

To devise an effective plan, we meticulously observed the existing manual operations, studied the processes, finished goods, and components, collecting comprehensive data from all phases. Our innovative design involved an integrated system comprising a distribution center adjoining a manufacturing clean room. Precision was vital, as missing, or incorrectly supplied items could cause surgery delays or cancellations, and thus, we ensured that each kit included the correct items and quantities.

The distribution center was equipped with essential features like a reserve rack for faster-moving items, a multi-level pick module for unit picking of tray items, and a sorting mechanism. Each production run in the clean room resulted in a unique custom surgical kit, assembled by associates who selected specific items and placed them in totes. Totes were weighed to validate item correctness and quantity before sorting and carting.

Within the clean room, nine assembly lines allowed simultaneous production of nine diverse surgical kits. Once sanitized and prepared for a new production run, a cart containing all items for that run was brought from the sorter to the assembly line. Totes were strategically staged in order, ensuring correct inclusion in each surgical kit. The kits underwent thorough weighing and verification before being packed and sent to the sterilization chamber, ultimately ready for distribution.


Company: ROi

Size: 108,000 sq. ft.

Product: 2500 Raw Materials, 1100 CPTs


Storage Types
  • 3-Story Raw Material

  • Pick Module

  • Pallet Rack

  • Push-Back Rack

  • Carton Flow

  • Pallet Flow

  • Shelving


Conveyor System

  • Motor-Driven Roller

  • Multi-Direction Diverts

  • Sortation

  • Print & Apply Labeling

  • QC by Weight

  • Shelving

  • Clean Room
  • 9 Assembly Lines

  • Dynamic Line Configuration

  • QC By-Weight Verification

  • Integrated Packaging


  • Operations Review
  • Layout and Design

  • AutoCAD Drawings

  • Equipment

  • Installation

  • Project Management


  •  Doubled the number of items they could carry
  • Almost doubled storage
  • Doubled throughput
  •  Increased packages they ship by 120%

NEUCO first came to us in 2019 – after they moved into a new building. They hired an integrator to install shelving and conveyors and the installation didn’t go well. The conveyors didn’t accommodate all of the different package sizes and there wasn’t enough shelving space to accommodate the different products. Their first thought was that they would need another new building.

The biggest challenge for us was having to work around a functioning warehouse without disrupting their operations. Needless to say, there were many nights, early mornings and weekend work.

After analyzing their data, we outlined some options. It was decided that a plus mod and work platform would be put into place, along with a conveyor and a vertical rider lift. For this happen, concrete footings were needed, high reach shelving was cut down to two levels with additional storage being added.

UPDATE September 2023
Due to growth exceeding expectations, we are adding additional conveyors,
racking and other equipment that will increase the packages they ship by 120%



  • Operations Review
  • Layout and Design
  • Equipment
  • Installation
  • Project Management


Company: NEUCO
Facility Size: 115,000 square feet
Product: 59,000 SKUs

  • Storage Types
  • Two-Level Work Platform
  • Mezzanine
  • High Reach Storage
  • Pick Module
  • Conveyors
  • Envelope Packing System

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