LD Systems offers industrial warehouse mezzanine solutions to maximize your warehouse space economically. Mezzanines, catwalks, and decks are different types of work surfaces constructed above the finished floor of a building.

A catwalk system refers to a system where flooring is placed only in the aisles between storage units on the upper level. The lower level storage media is continuous from the main floor to the top of the second level.

A work platform is a flooring system where the flooring is continuous and supports the upper-level storage media or work process. Storage media supported systems have their work platforms attached to and primarily supported by a storage system on the building floor.

Freestanding work platforms are supported by structural columns standing on the building floor.

The upper work level can be used for additional storage media, work areas, file storage, offices, etc. Work platforms and catwalks can have multiple levels if designed that way from the start. You need between 8 and 8 ½ feet per level to be OSHA legal.

Stairways and pallet drop areas should be included for personnel egress and moving merchandise to and from the second level. OSHA requires continuous hand railing or guarding if people will have access to the upper level. Under mezzanine lighting and sprinklers are also required.

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