Optimize Your Warehouse Efficiency with LD Systems’ Picking Methodologies

Top 12 Reasons to Optimize Your Warehouse with LD Systems
July 25, 2023
Material handling systems
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September 5, 2023
Top 12 Reasons to Optimize Your Warehouse with LD Systems
July 25, 2023
Material handling systems
Is Your Warehouse Truly Ready for Robotics and Automation?
September 5, 2023

In the world of distribution centers, efficient order picking is vital to maximize productivity while minimizing labor costs. LD Systems understands the significance of this process and offers a range of optimized picking methodologies. Discover the advantages and applications of each order picking method to enhance your warehouse efficiency and boost throughput.

Single-Order Picking – Simplicity and Minimal Automation

Single-order picking is a widely used but time-consuming method where each order is fulfilled individually. Our experts explain the manual approach, its benefits, and how it can work for your distribution center without extensive automation.

Single-order picking, also referred to as split case picking or each pick, is a prominent method in the realm of order fulfillment. This efficient technique involves manually selecting each item directly from open cases, bins, or storage boxes to assemble customer orders. LD Systems, a distinguished systems integrator, recognizes the significance of this approach and its applicability across various industries.

Imagine the familiar scenario of grocery shopping. When customers stroll through the aisles, they retrieve items from the shelves and place them in their carts. Similarly, single order picking mimics this process on an industrial scale. LD Systems acknowledges the simplicity and accuracy embedded in this method, making it an ideal solution to meet customer demands with precision.

One of the prime advantages of single-order picking lies in its suitability for smaller warehouses that typically manage a limited number of daily orders. Unlike larger distribution centers, these spaces experience less travel time between picking locations, contributing to an expedited order fulfillment process. Consequently, LD Systems identifies this approach as an optimal choice for such facilities, optimizing their operational efficiency.

Single order picking shines when dealing with a high number of Stock Keeping Units (SKUs) paired with relatively low pick quantities per SKU. LD Systems recognizes the significance of this balance. While each SKU might not require an extensive pick quantity, the cumulative requirement across various SKUs can be substantial. Therefore, this method caters to warehouses housing a diverse range of products.

Furthermore, the cost-effectiveness of implementing and executing single-order picking is a compelling factor for businesses. LD Systems acknowledges the minimal technology required for this approach, which translates to lower upfront costs and reduced complexities. The simplicity of the process also makes training employees relatively straightforward, enabling faster onboarding and reducing labor-related challenges.

While single-order picking can function independently, LD Systems highlights the potential for synergies with other methodologies. By combining single order picking with other techniques, warehouses can optimize their order fulfillment processes even further. This adaptability underscores the versatility of the method and its capacity to align with diverse operational strategies.

For warehouses seeking enhanced efficiency, the incorporation of conveyors can prove invaluable. LD Systems acknowledges that conveyor systems streamline the movement of items within the warehouse, minimizing manual handling and travel time. Integrating conveyors with single-order picking enhances productivity and reduces the risk of errors, ultimately resulting in improved customer satisfaction.

Single order picking stands as a vital facet of modern order fulfillment strategies. As a systems integrator, LD Systems recognizes the practicality, accuracy, and cost-effectiveness of this approach. By manually selecting items directly from storage containers, businesses can efficiently fulfill customer orders, much like shoppers at a grocery store. This method excels in small warehouses handling a moderate volume of orders daily, making it an ideal fit for operations seeking streamlined processes. With its minimal technology requirements, ease of employee training, and potential for integration with other methodologies, single-order picking emerges as a valuable asset in LD Systems’ arsenal of solutions.

Zone Picking – Eliminate Congestion and Improve Productivity

Zone picking is a game-changer when it comes to reducing congestion in pick lanes and increasing productivity. LD Systems highlights how this method allows you to strategically group products for efficient picking, all while utilizing smart technologies like robotics and warehouse management systems.

In the dynamic world of modern logistics, optimizing warehouse operations is paramount to meet customer demands efficiently. One approach that has gained prominence in recent years is zone picking, also known as pick and pass. This innovative strategy, adopted by LD Systems, involves dividing a warehouse into distinct sections or zones, where individual order pickers are stationed. This method draws parallels to the layout of a supermarket, where different sections are designated for specific categories of products. Zone picking not only streamlines the order fulfillment process but also offers a range of benefits that contribute to overall operational efficiency.

Unlike wave picking, where similar orders are grouped together for batch picking, zone picking focuses on segmenting the warehouse into discrete zones. Each zone houses products that fall within specific categories, such as fresh produce, frozen goods, fast-selling items, and slow-selling items. This zoning approach is particularly advantageous in large warehouses with a diverse range of products. By minimizing the need for warehouse employees to traverse long distances to retrieve items, zone picking significantly reduces travel time and congestion within the facility.

Zone picking can also be integrated with other strategies to further enhance its effectiveness. A Warehouse Management System (WMS) plays a crucial role in facilitating zone picking. The WMS assists in inventory management, order allocation, and routing, making it easier for pickers to access accurate information about the location of items within their designated zones. Moreover, conveyors can be strategically deployed to streamline the movement of goods between zones, optimizing the overall workflow.

Two primary approaches to zone picking are simultaneous zone picking and sequential zone picking. In simultaneous zone picking, multiple workers collaborate to pick items from their respective zones simultaneously. Each tote or bin is dedicated to a single zone, ensuring that items are picked efficiently without the need for additional sorting. For instance, if LD Systems’ warehouse has four zones, pickers in each zone simultaneously retrieve the required items and bring them to the packing area. This method proves to be faster and reduces the need for additional order compilation steps.

On the other hand, sequential zone picking involves assembling orders as they are picked. A picker stationed in zone one will pick items from that zone and place them in a tote or bin. The tote then progresses to zone two, where the relevant items for that zone are added. This sequential process continues until the order is fully compiled. While this method may require more steps, it ensures that orders are meticulously assembled and reduces the likelihood of errors during the picking process.

LD Systems’ adoption of zone picking exemplifies a commitment to optimizing warehouse operations and order fulfillment. By strategically dividing the warehouse into zones and utilizing technology like WMS and conveyors, the company can achieve significant gains in efficiency, minimize errors, and enhance overall customer satisfaction. This approach is especially advantageous for large warehouses with diverse product offerings, as it minimizes travel time, reduces congestion, and facilitates seamless order compilation. Whether employing simultaneous or sequential zone picking, LD Systems stands to benefit from the strategic implementation of this method in its pursuit of operational excellence.

Pick-to-Box – Streamlined Fulfillment and Cost Reduction

Discover the growing popularity of pick-to-box as a response to labor shortages in warehouses. Our experts reveal how this method optimizes the picking process, improves accuracy, and lowers shipping material costs through smarter box selection and efficient labeling.

In today’s rapidly evolving e-commerce landscape, the efficiency of order fulfillment plays a pivotal role in maintaining customer satisfaction and operational success. LD Systems, a leading innovator in logistics and supply chain solutions, presents a game-changing approach known as “Pick to Box.” This revolutionary approach simplifies and accelerates the order fulfillment process by seamlessly integrating the picking, consolidation, and packing stages into one cohesive operation. Leveraging advanced warehouse management systems (WMS) and cutting-edge automation technologies, LD Systems’ Pick to Box solution offers a new paradigm for efficient and error-free order processing.

At the core of LD Systems’ Pick to Box methodology is the strategic combination of order picking, consolidation, and packing into a single synchronized process. Unlike traditional batch picking methods, where operators pick items for multiple orders and then sort and pack them later, Pick to Box streamlines the entire workflow. Operators armed with a cart efficiently navigate the warehouse to retrieve the necessary items for multiple orders. However, instead of sorting and packing these items individually, they are deposited in a conditioning area. This innovative approach significantly reduces travel time and increases productivity, as the packing process can be executed concurrently.

Central to the success of the Pick to Box approach is the integration of warehouse management systems (WMS). LD Systems emphasizes the importance of WMS in automating decision-making processes, designing optimized pick paths, and managing inventory in real-time. By harnessing the power of WMS, businesses can ensure that orders are fulfilled accurately and efficiently, thereby minimizing errors and meeting customer expectations. The system’s intelligence aids in organizing pick routes that optimize travel paths, reducing the time spent searching for items and enhancing overall efficiency.

Furthermore, LD Systems’ Pick to Box solution offers various automated options to enhance the efficiency of order fulfillment. These include technologies like pick to light, pick to voice, and goods-to-person systems. Pick to light utilizes illuminated displays to guide operators to the correct items and quantities, reducing the chances of human error. Pick to voice employs voice commands to facilitate hands-free picking, while goods-to-person systems bring items directly to operators, further minimizing travel time and maximizing productivity.

The integration of automation technologies further enhances the Pick to Box process. Conveyors, carousels, and automated storage and retrieval systems (AS/RS) provide a seamless flow of items from storage locations to the conditioning area, further minimizing manual intervention and optimizing the overall order fulfillment process. These technologies contribute to quicker order turnaround times and improved accuracy.

LD Systems’ Pick to Box solution represents a paradigm shift in the realm of order fulfillment. By simultaneously combining the order picking, consolidation, and packing processes, this innovative approach eliminates inefficiencies and reduces error rates. With a focus on integrating advanced warehouse management systems and automation technologies, businesses can ensure optimal decision-making, efficient pick paths, and real-time inventory management. The Pick to Box methodology offers a competitive edge in the fast-paced world of e-commerce by providing rapid order processing, increased accuracy, and enhanced customer satisfaction. As companies strive to meet growing customer demands, LD Systems’ Pick to Box emerges as a strategic solution to simplify order fulfillment and drive operational excellence.

Wave Picking – Meeting Customer Expectations with Precision

For orders with numerous SKUs, wave picking offers a strategic solution. Learn how LD Systems’ wave picking method ensures timely order availability and how warehouse management systems and slotting software enhance its effectiveness.

Wave picking is a dynamic order fulfillment strategy that has gained significant popularity in modern warehouse management systems. LD Systems, a pioneering company in the logistics industry, has adeptly incorporated wave picking into its operations, revolutionizing the efficiency of picking, packing, and shipping processes. This method involves grouping orders into waves or clusters, which are then processed and fulfilled together, offering an array of benefits for both productivity and workflow management.

The core principle of wave picking lies in the arrangement of tasks within short intervals, enabling the simultaneous picking of multiple items from various orders. By intelligently grouping orders that share common product locations, wave picking minimizes travel time for workers within the warehouse. This approach reduces unnecessary movements, streamlining the picking process for bulk complex orders that could otherwise be time-consuming and intricate to navigate.

LD Systems recognizes that wave picking’s efficiency hinges largely on the synchronization of labor forces responsible for coordinating and scheduling packing and shipping. This method, while technology-assisted, remains dependent on the human element for its smooth execution. Effective communication and collaboration among the workforce are paramount, ensuring that each order within a wave is accurately picked, packed, and dispatched in a coordinated manner.

The simultaneous picking of multiple items is the hallmark of wave picking. This distinctive attribute substantially accelerates the order fulfillment process, leading to a significant reduction in overall processing time. By consolidating orders into manageable waves, LD Systems can satisfy customer demands more swiftly, meeting tight delivery schedules with increased agility.

Among the diverse order selection strategies available, wave picking stands out as one of the fastest. It hinges on efficient management and skilled labor, as both factors play pivotal roles in orchestrating the intricate dance of item selection, consolidation, and shipment. This method empowers management to comprehend the workload in terms of labor productivity, offering insights into areas where improvements can be made.

LD Systems leverages the flexibility of wave picking by harmoniously combining it with other strategies like batch picking and zone picking. This synergy is designed to maximize the capabilities of both technology and labor, enhancing the overall efficiency of order fulfillment. By adeptly integrating these methods, LD Systems effectively balances the speed of automation with the adaptability of human workers.

To further optimize the wave picking process, the incorporation of conveyors can be instrumental. Conveyor systems seamlessly transport items from picking locations to packing stations, reducing the reliance on manual movement and expediting the order fulfillment journey. LD Systems recognizes the potential of conveyors to refine the efficiency of wave picking, ultimately contributing to higher throughput and accuracy.

LD Systems has harnessed the power of wave picking to redefine the landscape of order fulfillment. By meticulously assigning waves, orchestrating synchronized picking, and strategically combining technology and labor, the company has elevated its operational efficiency. Wave picking’s simultaneous, interval-based approach not only accelerates order processing but also empowers management with insights into labor productivity. With the potential for further optimization through techniques like conveyor integration, LD Systems continues to set new standards in modern warehousing, showcasing the significance of wave picking as a cornerstone of efficient logistics management.

Choosing the Perfect Fit – Factors to Consider

LD Systems guides you through the decision-making process, emphasizing the critical factors that influence the choice of picking methodologies. Explore the role of warehouse size, product characteristics, turnaround times, customer expectations, and labor needs in finding the best fit for your operation.


Unlock the true potential of your warehouse with LD Systems’ optimized picking methodologies. From single-order picking to wave picking, our experts offer insights into the most efficient methods for your distribution center. Boost productivity, improve accuracy, and meet customer expectations with LD Systems’ tailored solutions for your order fulfillment operations. Contact us today to partner with industry experts and data analysts who will transform your warehouse efficiency and throughput.