Our team has decades of experience handling scores of projects. We provide project management for all of our turnkey projects. We can also manage the portions of a project that do not include equipment you purchased from us, are simply reconfigurations of existing equipment, or for any other application. We will make sure your project is completed on time and within budget.

Our Project Management Services Include:

  • Clearly defining the scope of the project A detailed review to ensure all materials and services have been anticipated, including ancillary services that may not be obvious
  • Assistance with permit applications or other regulatory requirements
  • Confirming that purchase orders clearly set forth the materials and services expected, and that the specifications are adequate to ensure you will not experience change orders and your needs will be met
  • Coordinating the activities of stakeholders to ensure a smooth implementation
  • A schedule developed with the input of all stakeholders that is regularly updated, regularly communicated and is realistic
  • Regular follow up with all providers to be sure all project tasks are completed on time
  • Communicating regularly with all interested parties concerning all relevant aspects of the project
  • An experienced full time on-site project manager
  • Experienced project manager on call 24/7 for any urgent needs

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