Storage and retrieval systems play a vital role in distribution operations, contributing significantly to labor and operational costs. LD Systems offers advanced robotic storage and retrieval systems that improve inventory management, enhance production speeds, and increase picking accuracy. By implementing these systems, warehouses can minimize manual labor associated with storage, picking, assembly, and replenishment.

Comprehensive Range of Robotic Storage and Retrieval Systems

At LD Systems, we provide a comprehensive range of robotic storage and retrieval systems designed for warehouses, distribution facilities, and order fulfillment centers. Our expertise lies in designing and installing automated material handling solutions tailored to your company's size and product types.

Types of Systems We Offer

We offer various types of systems to cater to different operational and robotic buffering needs:

  • Goods-to-person picking: Our goods-to-person systems, also known as automatic storage and retrieval systems (AS/RS), feature a primary load storage area equipped with an internal crane or shuttle system. This system delivers products to a workstation for operator packing, eliminating time-consuming walking and minimizing picking inaccuracies. Integration with a warehouse execution system (WES), warehouse control system (WCS), or warehouse management system (WMS) ensures seamless coordination of processes and inventory management.
  • Goods-to-robot picking: In goods-to-robot systems, robots directly pick products from shelves or totes using AI vision technology. This solution eliminates the need for shuttles and cranes, allowing for efficient picking without interference from other objects. These systems can integrate with a WES and perform additional warehouse functions like storage and fulfillment.
  • Autonomous mobile robots: Our autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) can operate individually or as part of a goods-to-robot system. They retrieve and deliver items to employees for secondary processing and can handle a wide range of products. With integration into your WES, these robots navigate your facility safely and perform tasks beyond picking, such as sorting and packing.

Benefits of Robotic Storage and Retrieval Systems

Implementing LD Systems' robotic storage and retrieval systems offers several advantages for your warehouse operation:

  • Increased efficiency: Significantly reduce the time and labor required for manual pick-and-pack applications.
  • Improved accuracy: Installing a robotic storage and retrieval system reduces material loss, minimizes product damage, and decreases shipping errors. Operators can control the speed of the robots for extra-sensitive applications.
  • Energy-efficient: Our systems utilize high-powered ultracapacitors that recapture the energy expended during continuous operation.
  • High scalability: The modular design of our systems allows for easy expansion to meet growing production demands.
  • Fast ROI: Storage and retrieval systems offer a quick return on investment by streamlining operations and reducing costs.
  • Seamless integration: LD Systems' solutions seamlessly integrate with most existing WES, WCS, and WMS platforms.

Why Choose LD Systems

LD Systems has been a leader in providing efficient and affordable material handling solutions since 1996. With our extensive experience and expertise, we offer innovative automated and robotic systems. Our professional team is committed to guiding you through the entire process, from consultation and system selection to implementation and post-installation support. We value long-term partnerships and provide the attention and support you deserve.

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