Shelving is a critical component of warehouse organization and streamlined operational processes, allowing your team to store and locate products with ease and efficiency. LD Systems offers a range of shelving options tailored to your facility's unique requirements, helping you find the perfect solution to optimize your processes.

Shelving, or bin shelving is highly versatile and generally used to store small items that employees can retrieve and carry in their hands. Products stored on shelves are usually kept as single items rather than on a pallet. Bin shelving can store:

  • Tools
  • Office Supplies
  • Loose and packages parts
  • Electronic components
  • Building materials
  • Catalogs

Shelving Customization

Shelving is a highly versatile and adaptable storage option that allows you to adjust shelves vertically to fit your products' size. LD Systems provides a range of shelving options to help you find the right solution for your facility. Here are the benefits of our shelving solutions:

  • Sizes range from 24" wide by 12" deep to 48 inches wide by 36" deep, accommodating various product sizes.
  • Weight capacities range from 400 to 1,200 pounds per shelf, making it suitable for both light and heavy products.

Our shelving solutions come in two forms:

  • Closed: Solid steel panels covering the sides offer an aesthetically pleasing way to keep small products organized and contained. This shelving option is ideal for storing loose parts, and its dividers create independent storage openings to prevent mixing with adjacent pieces.
  • Open: This type of shelving uses braces instead of siding, allowing you to stack boxed products without falling over. Open shelving provides access from all directions and can be combined with other open shelves to create a large storage area.
  • Our shelving options can be customized by adding vertical shelf dividers, shelf boxes, shelf drawers, or modular-type drawers to increase capacity, part
    separation, and security.
  • Shelving is also available in several standard colors, allowing you to choose the type that best suits your facility.
  • Quality industrial steel shelving can support a second level or catwalk system with adequate bracing. Our shelving systems can also be designed for seismic
    conditions, either high rise or cat walked, as needed.

Advantages of Industrial Shelving

Shelving offers a multitude of benefits for your facility, including improved efficiency, accessibility and organization. With the right shelving system, your team can experience the following advantages:

  • Customization: Shelving allows for the storage of multiple types of products with one solution. Use drawers or dividers as needed for division and organization or
    choose an open-type shelving system for increased speed and accessibility.
  • Versatility: From retail stores to industrial warehouses, shelving provides organizational benefits for a wide range of storage needs.
  • Efficiency: Shelving maximizes storage density, allowing for the storage of large inventory. It also enhances accuracy, safety and organization for streamlined
  • Easy installation: Shelving is simple to build, and many users assemble it themselves. You can put together and integrate your shelving solution in a way that suits your requirements.

In addition, shelving often comes in a variety of standard colors, making it easy to select an option that complements your facility.

Shelving Solutions from LD Systems

Our integrated solutions are among the industry’s most trusted because we tackle each distribution center optimization project through a comprehensive discovery process that includes analyzing data, price points and anticipated return on investment. It’s only then our team begins to develop the perfect customized shelving layout.

With a combined 50 years of material handling integration experience, we are the experts at maximizing efficiency and moving goods expeditiously from order to door.

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