Developing a unified, functional, and efficient warehouse solution is crucial to a company's success, and this is where LD Systems shines.

Over the course of 27 years, LD Systems has triumphantly completed over 500 projects.

Our unparalleled accomplishments and exceptional customer retention rate puts us at the forefront of the industry.  This success is a culmination of our extensive experience, profound knowledge, and the remarkable talent we utilize in deciphering client data and then creating customized solutions.

With advancements in technology and the material handling industry, companies and customers’ expectations have changed. Are you prepared?

If you’re like other distribution centers, one or more is happening right now:

  • Competitive pressure dictates that you find a way to reduce costs through efficiency and/or streamlining order flow
  • Shipment and transportation methods or requirements have changed
  • You’ve experienced explosive growth and need a way to scale up your distribution center
  • You want to automate and reduce or upskill your labor

Whatever the impetus, adapting to change is paramount to future growth. Integrating automation systems are complex and requires careful planning.

A strong integration partner is vital to an integration projects success. 

Let LD Systems work with your team to put forward a better way to integrate your material handling equipment for a lot less than you might think.

It’s common for our clients to realize as much as a 75% reduction in equipment costs with many realignments and reconfigurations.

With the right automation, process, and LD Systems as your integration partner, you can expect:

Order accuracy rate of 99.9%.

Productivity increase 20%-50%

Optimized space 20%-60%

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